The WWII 300th Combat Engineers

Tank Image
Engineers pose with a destroyed German tank.

Chronology of the 300th Combat Engineer Battalion

March 1, 1943 to November 2, 1945
Date Event
March 1, 1943 300th Engineer Combat Battalion activated at Camp White, Oregon. Assigned to IX Corps
March 15 Battalion (future reference BN) assigned to IV Corps
April 10 Medical Detachment activated
July 4 Transferred from Camp White, OR to Bend, OR Maneuver Area
October 2 Arrived back at Camp White
November 5 BN assigned to Fourth Army
November 7 Advanced Detachment of Battalion departed Camp White to Europe
November 13-19 Units travelled by rail on various days to Camp Shanks, New York
November 19 Entire BN (less Advanced Detachment) at Camp Shanks
November 23 Advanced Detachment departed New York on the Queen Elizabeth
December 1 BN boarded the Queen Mary in New York City
December 3 BN (less Advanced Detachment) left New York on the Queen Mary
December 9 BN arrived in Europe landing at Gourock, Scotland
December 12 BN moved to Devises, Wiltshire, England by train
January-June 1944 BN trained in England preparing for invasion at training site in "Tent City" near Swindon in Chisledon, Wilkshire, England
February 13 BN to Maple Durham, Offordshire for floating bridge training
February 26 BN to Chisledon
March 9 Co. C to Maple Durham
March 12 Co. A, Co B, and Med. Detach to Maple Durham
March 23 Co, A, Co. B and Med. Detach. to Chisledon
April 10 BN to Cane End, Berkshire for bridge training
April 14 Co. A, 2nd and 3rd platoons with Company Headquarters to Chisledon
April 16 Co. A, 2nd and 3rd platoons with Company Headquarters to Maple Durham
April 17 BN to Chisledon
April 20 BN alerted for Departure
April 20 Co. C to Cane End, Berkshire
April 22 Co. C to Chisledon
June 4 BN boarded LST waiting for departure for the invasion
June 5 BN returned to camp, replaced for the invasion by the 299th Engineers
June 6, 1944 Invasion of Europe by Allied forces landing on Normandy Beaches. 300th attached to 1110th and First Army under the command of Major John Tucker
June 16 LST 87 with First Echelon of 300th landed on Utah Beach, Normandy
June 18-20 First Echelon removed hasty mines and laid deliberate mine field in front of 101st Airborne in the area of Carentan
June 19 LST 523 with Second Echelon of 300th hit German mine and went down off Utah Beach killing 90+ men and wounding many. First Echelon bivouacked 8 miles north of Carentan
June 27 LCT 59 with Third Echelon of 300th landed on Utah Beach, Normandy (one Army record shows LCT 435). Third Echelon joined First Echelon 8 miles north of Carentan
June 30 BN doing bridge work at Carentan under fire, CO Major Tucker killed. Col. Daniel Spengler named Temp. CO. BN to near Picauville, France
July 3 Co. C to La Besneville. Co. A to St. Sauveur Le Vicomte
July 4 BN to St. Sauveur Le Vicomte less Co. C. Co. C to LaRouge De Vas
July 5 Co. A to Marcanville
July 6 Co. C to Marcanville
July 8 Col. Spengler killed at La Haye-du-Puits by sniper fire
July 9 BN attached to 1105th Engineer Combat Group. Co. A and Co. C moved to St. Sauveur
July 10 BN to Osmansville near Isigny
July (mid) Major Riel Crandall assigned command of 300th
August 1 BN to Moon Sur-Elle near St. Lo
August 7 BN to Le Jardin
August 15 BN to Sept Freres
August 21 BN to La Pas-St. Lhomer
August 25 BN through Paris
August 31 BN to Houville
September 2 BN to near Crecy
September 5 BN to La Capelle
September 14 Co. B to Modave, Belgium
September 15 BN to Modave, Belgium less Co. B and Co. C
September 16 Co. C to Modave, Belgium
October 15-19 Side trips to north of Eysden, Holland. Co. A, Co. B, and Co. C one day each of Bailey Bridge training
October 21 First and Ninth Armies consolidated
October 31 H & S Co. and Med. Detach. moved into Grand Chateau de Modave
December 19 BN attached to 1111th Engineer Combat Group
December 25 BN attached to 4th Cavalry
December 26 BN attached to 1111th Engineer Combat Group
January 1, 1945 Co. A to Barvaux, Belgium
January 3, 1945 Moved from Modave to various locations in Belgium. BN HQ and H & S Co. & Medical Detachment (future reference BN HQ) to Filot
January 4 Co. A and B to Hamoir
January 7 BN HQ and Co. A to Louviegne
January 8 BN HQ to Xhoris. Co. A to Aywaille, Co. B to Xhoris, Co. C to Remonchamps
January 9 BN attached to 1106th Engineer Combat Group. BN Attached to XVIII Corps
January 17 Co. B to Xhoris
January 19 Co. C to Forges
January 22 Co. A to Lorce
January 24 BN HQ to La Gleive
January 25 Co. B to Ligneyville
January 28 Co. A to Burg, Co. C to Recht
February 1 BN HQ to Born, Belgium. Co. A to Burg, Co. B to Ligneuville, Co. C to Recht
February 5 BN HQ to Lichtenbusch, Germany, Co. B to Oper Forstback, Germany
February 6 Co. A to Walhein, Co. C to Nutheim
February 17 BN attached to III Corps
Febuary 21 BN HQ, Co. B and C to Rotgen, Germany
March 1 Co. A to Wacheim
March 4 BN HQ to Abenden. Co. A to Thulr, Co. B to Hurtgen, Co. C to Zerkall
March 5 Co. A to Thuir, Co. B to Hurtgen, Co. C to Zerkall
March 6 BN HQ to Embken. Co. B to Muldenau
March 7 Co. C to Embken
March 9 BN HQ to Berkum. Co. B to Arzdorf, Co. C to Adendorf
March 10 Co. A to Fuskiecnt
March 11 Co. A to Rheinbach
March 15 Co. A to Liessen
March 22 BN HQ to Rheinbreitbach
March 24 Co. A to Bruchhausen
March 25 BN attached to 7th Armored Division
March 28 Co. A to Bellhausen, Co. C to Stockhausen
March 29 BN HQ to Leidenhofen. Co. A to Grosseelheim, Co. C to Tries
March 30 BN HQ and Co. A to Frankenau, Co. B to Emdenan
March 31 Co. C to Geicmae. BN attached to 1111th Engineer Combat Group
April 1 BN HQ to Schonstadt. Co. A to Keddenhan, Co. B to Betzibdart, Co. C to Burgeln
April 4 BN HQ to Sompler. Co. A to Sachsenburg, Co B to Samplar, Co. C to Munden
April 7 BN HQ to Hallenburg. Co. C to Roddenau
April 8 Co. B to Zuscpen
April 10 BN HQ to Medebach. Co. A to Korhach, Co. B to Oberohledorf, Co. C to Menden
April 12 BN to Bremke
April 13 Co. A to Lansenhalthansen, Co. C to Balve
April 14 BN HQ and Co. A to Balve. Co. B to Allendorf
April 15 BN assigned to 1159th Engineer Combat Group. Co. B to Holzen
April 16 Co. A to Mrnday
April 18 BN HQ and Co. B and C to Bremke, last location in the Ruhr Pocket. BN assigned to the Third Army
April 19 BN HQ to Ober Schweinach, Germany. Co. A to Schgllert, Co. C to Kattercack
April 21 BN HQ to Katterbach in German airfield barracks. Co. A and Co. B to Kafferbach,
April 27 BN HQ, Co. A, Co. B, Co. C to Weizenburg
April 28 BN HQ and Co. A to Reicherdorf. Attached to 14th Armored Division
April 30 Co. C to Mooseburg and built bridge across the Isar River
May 1 BN HQ to Schroding, Co. A to Meheneim, Co. B to Jettenstetten, Co. C to Busch
May 2 Co. B to Aschan. BN attached to 1111th Engineer Combat Group
May 3 Co. A to Arndorf
May 4 Co. B to Nievderstronbin
May 7 BN assigned to 3rd Army
May 8, 1945 V-E Day
May 12 All organized resistance in Germany ceased as of 090001 B May 1945
May 13 BN HQ, Co. A, Co. B, Co.C to Gunzenhausen
May 24 BN HQ and Co. C to Aschaffenburg. Co. A, Co. B to Bischbornerhot. Attached to III Corps
June 6 Major Riel Crandall promoted to Lt. Col.
June 12 Co. A, Co. B to Burckenan
June 13 Co. B to Aschaffenburg
June 19 Attached to XII Corps
June 22 Co. A to Bad Kissingen
June 28 Lt. Col. Crandall assigned command of 1110th
July 9 Major Ken W. Sackett assumed command of 300th
July 15 BN HQ, Co. A Co. B to Bergal. Co. C to Thalmassi
July 21 BN attached to 1123rd Engineer Combat Group
July 22 Co. B to Neustadt
August Note: During August and September many men of the 300th transferred to other engineer units
August 1 Co. C to Thalmassing
August 27 Co. C to Bergel
September 9 Co. B to Bergel
September 15 BN departed Bergle enroute to Metz, France
September 16 BN HQ, Co. A arrived Metz, France, Camp Cleveland
September 17 Co. B, Co. C arrived at Camp Cleveland
September 20 BN preparing men for shipment to the U.S.
September 28 BN departed Camp Cleveland at 1200 hours by rail to Calas (France) Staging Camp
October 30 BN arrived at Calas Staging Camp
October 23 BN departed Marseille, France on the "Groucher Victory"
November 2 BN arrived in U. S.
November 2 Inactivated at Camp Patrick, VA
November 9 BN awarded credit for "Normandy" campaign
November 13 BN awarded battle credit for "Northern France" campaign
December 7 BN awarded battle credit for "Ardennes" campaign
December 11 BN awarded battle credit for "Central Europe" campaign
December 12 BN awarded battle credit for "Rhineland" campaign